Kelvin Chan

Data Scientist @ Shell | Machine Learning (NLP) Enthusiast

I am a data scientist passionate about applying Natural Language Processing techniques to understand the nuances of human communication. I am currently a Data Scientist at Shell, where I apply my NLP skills to a variety of projects to help accelerate the energy transition.

About Me

My journey into the world of Natural Language Processing (NLP) began with a simple question: Why can’t I talk to machines like I talk to people?

This observation, sparked by the limitations of voice assistants, led me to delve into the field of NLP, where I discovered the intricate relationship between language, technology, and human emotions. This fascination propelled me into research, where I began to unravel the complexities of NLP and its potential to transform how we interact with machines.

One aspect of language that particularly captured my interest was code-switching, the ability to seamlessly switch between languages mid-conversation. This phenomenon, prevalent in multilingual communities, allows us to express a wider range of emotions and connect with others on a deeper level. However, current language models struggle to understand and generate code-switched language, limiting their ability to capture the nuances of human communication.

I believe that improving language models’ ability to handle code-switching is crucial for developing truly natural and engaging human-machine interactions. By enabling machines to understand and respond to code-switched language, we can create more empathetic and effective communication systems that reflect the richness and diversity of human language.

I am committed to using my NLP expertise to make a positive impact on society. In my free time, I volunteer my skills to build NLP applications for non-profit organizations, helping them optimize their operations and reach a wider audience. I believe that technology, when used responsibly, can empower individuals and communities to achieve their goals and make the world a better place.





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